Diploma in Manual & CAD Designing

Diploma in Manual and CAD Designing

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We provide industry standard training to our students, who are interested in jewelry designing field. We also provide training to working professionals in any domain who are interested in arts and fashion world. The training is an added advantage to the rapid growth of your career.

Rhino-CAD (Computer Aided Designing) is the most easiest software for 3D for Jewellery designing.CAD & CAM process is very helpful for the mass production in jeweler sectors. For Indian and International market CAD/CAM process will enhance product quality, time reduction, weight management, cast management. By using CAD we can make our own customized designs with the required specifications like size, weight, cast.

Required eligibility to enroll the Rhino-CAD (Computer Aided Designing) Jewellery Designing training:

  • Minimum education qualification is 10th and above.
  • Diploma in Visual Arts.
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing.
  • Diploma in Drawing Mater Course.
  • Fresher who are interested in Visual Arts and Jewelry Design.

Note: Golden opportunities for differently able (Technically Mute) students.


The following flowchart will explain you how the “Design Flow of The Rhino-CAD (Computer Aided Designing) training ” works:


The following flowchart will explain you how the “Design Flow of MANUAL JEWELLERY DESIGNING training” works:


  • Introduction Jewellery Design & Computer Aided Design - CAD
  • Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing - CAM
  • Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing - CAM
  • Basics of 2 Dimensional Design – 2D
  • Basics of 3 Dimensional Design – 3D
  • Essential of Jewellery Design
  • Types of Jewellery
2D Designing:
Free Hand Drawing:
  • Lining techniques
  • Shaping techniques
  • Sizing techniques
  • Nature drawing techniques
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric techniques
  • Tracing techniques
  • Ribbon shaping techniques
Stone rendering:
  • Faceting
  • Shading
Metal Rendering:
  • Yellow gold rendering
  • White gold rendering
  • Rose gold rendering
Metal Texturing:
  • Sand blasting
Rendering in CAD
  • Shading and Light settings
  • Material and Environment editing
  • Texture Pellets, Panels and Effects
  • Frame settings
Design Developmten
  • Selection of Theme
  • Concept Based Design
Weight and Dimensions:
  • Stone Calculating
  • Weight Calculating
  • Price Estimating
2D Designing in CAD :
  • Basic shape drawing.
  • Free hand drawing.
  • Image tracing.
  • Dimension analyzing.
3D Designing in CAD:
  • 3D Shape creation
  • Execution of freehand designs
Stone Settings:
  • Bezel settings
  • Flush settings
  • Prong settings
  • Pave settings
  • Channel settings
Portfolio Development:
  • Ear Rings - 10 to 15 Designs
  • Pendants’ - 10 to 15 Designs
  • Rings - 10 to 15 Designs
  • Bangles - 10 to 15 Designs
  • Necklace - 5 to 10 Designs


  • 135 days (25 weeks to 27 weeks)
  • 3 hours per day
  • 28 to 30 Weekends
  • 12 hours per weekend
  • Each Saturday 6 hours
  • Each Sunday 6 hours

Outcome of Jewellery Manufacturing

  • Ability to draw and deliver in time.
  • Ability to draw our creativity into reality
  • Clear understanding of Jewellery drawing methodology
  • Ability to draw 2D image and to transfer into 3D form
  • Gaining knowledge about CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Drawing / Computer Aided Manufacturing)
  • Expertise in making National and International jewelry designing

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