Diploma in Diamond Grading

Diploma in Diamond Grading

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Valuation of diamonds depends on four cs shading clearness cut and carat. This course shows you how t review precious stones according to propositions criteria out qualified educators empower you to increase compressive information about essential parts of jewel evaluating such as carat weight. The professionally prepared lab gives the framework to gauge the weight of gemstone, consider the clearness of diamonds through a magnifying instrument, loupe recognizing, how to review flaws and incorporations and learn about plotting of images.

Required eligibility to enroll the Diaond Grading training:
  • Minimum education qualification is 10th and above.
  • Diploma in Visual Arts.
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing.
  • Diploma in Drawing Mater Course.
  • Fresher who are interested in Visual Arts and Jewelry Design.

Note: Golden opportunities for differently able (Technically Mute) students.


The Manual Jewelry Design training will be conducted with standard flow to avoid confusion and to avail clear knowledge about the process. The following flowchart will explain you how the “Design Flow” works


  • History of Diamonds, Origin & Mining
  • Physical, Chemical and Optical Properties of Diamonds
  • Introduction to Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat
  • Carat Weight – Sieving, Weight Estimation and other techniques
  • Color–Color Grading, shading as per local market like white, off-white TTLB, TTLC, etc.
  • Clarity – Includes Plotting, Study about inclusions and blemishes and clarity grading.
  • Cut – Cut grading, study about all proportions.
  • Grading of full diamonds with 4Cs both with microscope as well as 10x loupe.
  • Grading Certified Diamonds.
  • Assortment of small diamonds.
  • Diamond Simulants & Identification.
  • Brief study of fancy cuts.
  • Pricing – International & Local Pricing.
  • Diamond Market and Future.
  • Theory and practical exams.


  • 75 days (13 weeks to 15 weeks)
  • 3 hours per day
  • 18 to 20 Weekends
  • 12 hours per weekend
  • Each Saturday 6 hours
  • Each Sunday 6 hours

Outcome of Manual Jewellery Designing

  • Ability to draw and deliver in time.
  • Ability to draw our creativity into reality
  • Clear understanding of Jewellery drawing methodology

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